Great Makeup Using Eyeliner On Top Lid Only

Great Makeup Using Eyeliner On Top Lid Only

Make-up plays an important role in a life of every girl. There is no opportunity to avoid wearing a make-up. It underlines beauty of face features. In today’s world it also helps to protect skin from harmful influences of the environment.

There are many ways to create a fine makeup. A choice of beauty products plays the key role in it. To get a classic embellishment it is a good thought to use an eyeliner. You will be able to create a simple still elegant look.

Discover Some Ideas Of Makeup Using Eyeliner On Top Lid Only

Decorating a face is not an easy thing to do. It requires from a person much efforts. It is quite hard to achieve a desired style, unless you understand what you want. One of the best variants to achieve it is to combine many well-known makeup ideas in one:

  • A line on a lid with glittering parts. It will look nice. A straight line in black is one of the most classic face embellishment. To differentiate a look a bit of gittering gel can be used. It will help to generate a luxurious look.
  • A line with tips up. It is a feminine way of drawing lines. It will catch attention at streets. It will let to generate a good feminine look. Such embellishment requires specific type of clothing. A woman can get a dress or a skirt. They will match perfectly with a makeup.
  • A wide line. This is quite a cool design. It reminds of stylish 80s. However, such a embellishment does not look old-fashioned. It looks very elegant. Fair coat or cashmere sweater will go finely with such design.
  • A grey line. Grey is a color that symbolises elegance. It is stylish. If a girl chooses grey eyeliner, she will never feel disappointed with it. Such color will match with suits, dresses and jeans.
  • A blue, violet, or red line. What can be more fantastic than a colorful makeup. Try to draw a line in one of these colors. You’ll see how your image changes. It is a fine embellishment to diversify girl’s routine. Such face decoration brings inspiration.

These are cool ideas. It is nice to choose one of them. The girl will be able to get a new style each day. If you take care of a make up you’ll be satisfied with the look. It is an indispensable element of it.

You should also choose a fine product. Get a beauty product from a reliable company. A line on eyes will stay longer. It means you will enjoy your look more. If you live in the region where it rains a lot, get waterproof beauty goods.