How To Apply Black And Silver Makeup

How To Apply Black And Silver Makeup

Makeup plays a huge role in girl’s life and everyone knows her best technics and colors. But there is one color, that is universal not only in fashion and clothes, but also in makeup industry. And this is black. Black eyeshadows and eyeliners should be in every beauty case in the whole world. Black color makes the look more expressive and emphasizes every eye color. But it is important to remember, that it should be necessarily combined with another colors to look reach, because solo it could look like a dirty smudge. The best classical variants are black and gold or black and silver makeup, that are a perfect choice for evening or special occasions.

Evening black with silver sparks makeup looks very dramatic and deep, so in classical dark smokey eye variant it is not the best for fair hair and skin, but everything depends on a situation. Nevertheless, there are a lot of different techniques for black color to apply and to avoid dirt on eyes.

Black and silver makeup variations

  • Smokey eye. Black and silver smokey became iconic for parties. This classical makeup is very easy to apply, but it looks like a million dollars! 

The first step is a black shadow or foil all over the lid and then a silver highlight in the middle. Another important steps are black eyeliner on the water line, mascara or dramatic false lashes and silver highlights in the inner corner of the eye and under the brow to make eyes brighter.

  • Cut Crease. The same colors, but different effect. This variant looks brighter, because silver plays here the main role. At first black all over the lid again and then silver in the inner corner till the center of the lid creating a sharp line. Here it is possible to use not only silver shadows, but also foil or glitter to reach more glamorous look.
  • Hollywood. An old technic, that makes every girl look like a queen, or at least like Marilyn Monroe. Soft silver shadows all over the lid and dark black dramatic wing. And that’s it. Nothing more. Perfect for nights out and even work or every day.
  • Soft Smudge. A simple look, that could be darker for evenings or softer for days. Great variant for brighter and darker lips. The first step is the same as in the previous one, but then eyelid crease should be blacked out to create softer combination of shadows.

These were the most popular black and silver makeup variations for every need. They could be softer for daily purpose or extremely dramatic for evenings and parties. Technics are very simple to apply and it is not so hard to choose the suitable for everyone.